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About us

About Our Story

Hey there, stationery enthusiasts! My name is Moiz Hamid, and I’m the founder of Type & Hype, a brand that’s all about creating unique and affordable stationery products. As someone who’s always loved cool stationery and art products, I know how hard it can be to find quality items that don’t break the bank. That’s why I started Type & Hype: to provide awesome stationery products that don’t cost a fortune.

Our first product is an A6-size notebook with dotted, plain, and grid pages, but we have big plans for the future! We’re constantly working to expand our product line and collaborate with talented artists to bring you even more cool stuff.

At Type & Hype, we’re all about inspiring creativity and self-expression. We believe that everyone deserves access to high-quality stationery products that help them show off their unique personalities. That’s why we’re committed to keeping our prices affordable and our quality top-notch.

So whether you’re a student, an artist, or just someone who loves cool stationery products, we’ve got you covered. Thank you for supporting Type & Hype, and stay tuned for more awesome products to come!

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